Honeybee Survival Report 2010 – 2011

We presently have just 2 Langstroth hives with no intention to expand prior to moving to Maine.  These 2 hives actually went to Maine and back last fall and wintered well back here in Ohio.   That leaves the 2 populated Langstroth hives and 4 populated KTBHs that were sold to folks in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  I have contacted the new owners; only 1 KTBH didn’t make it.  So that is 7 out of 8 that made it.  The KTBH that died probably succumbed to the Varroa Mites.  However the bees left plenty of honey behind and the new owners are enjoying eating it.  And…just this week we received a swarm call and retrieved a nice swarm and repopulated the empty KTBH…all is well.  Much thanks to the homeowner that called us to come get the bees.  They went to a natural beekeeper and have a great new home where they can care for themselves as nature intended.  Now there is one Dave’s Bees KTBH that was sold empty and it is presently set up as a bait hive and waiting for bees; next swarm goes to that hive.  Yes that’s right…If you are the owner of that hive… its official… we are targeting your hive next.