Systemic Pesticides Are Killing Bees! What Else Might They Be Killing?

Imidacloprid and Clothianidin are killing our honeybees and our governments know it.

This is not a new finding by any stretch of the imagination.  They have known for years and there is a really good chance that they knew all along.  I’m going to give you some sources so you can check this out yourselves.  But first I want to build a foundation for you to use as you research this for yourselves.

A systemic pesticide is a pesticide that by design gets in the plant and becomes part of the plant.  As part of a plant the pesticide is available to all parts of a plant including the roots, sap, stalks, leaves, blossoms, pollen, nectar, and the fruit.  It then kills the insects that feed on the plant.  It is important to note that many insects of many types that feed on any part of the plant can die; that is target insects and nontarget insects.  It is also important to note that the insects don’t need to die immediately as in fall on the back with the legs in the air dead.  They can die a very slow disoriented staggering around lost with more of a dementia sort of a death.

A certain level of independent thinking is truly necessary here.  The governments are hiding these facts from us.  The Giant Agrochemical Companies’ Public Relations Firms are constantly leading us off track.  They have an agenda and they know that they will be fine if they can just keep us in the dark.  They also know that we just want to believe that our food is safe so they just keep telling us everything is ok.  They want us to believe that the governmental regulatory agencies are looking out for us and most of us do.  We can’t fathom the idea that government could be so corrupt that they would actually allow us to eat toxic food but that is exactly what they are doing.

Let’s just think for a minute how we allow this to happen and do nothing.  First of all, we are at least somewhat content with our lives and seem to be happier knowing that our government is looking out for our best interest.  Secondly, we go through life in large part just doing our thing, chasing our various hobbies, watching TV, and doing the things we like to do.  Since that takes up so much of our time there is little time left to care about what is going on with our environment as a whole, our food and water supply, or the plight of any given non human species.  This makes the PR firms jobs much easier.  Most of us only need the slightest reassurance that everything is ok and we go on with our lives.

My favorite smoke screen perpetrated on us by the Giant Agrochemical Companies and their PR firms and Government hacks is the causes of CCD!  If this lie wasn’t so egregious it might be laughable, but they have managed to continue the hoax for 5 years know.  They have been very effective keeping the populace completely off balance and in suspense.  They use a few different tactics that we have all heard before.  Probably the most common one is, “it is a combination of factors such as, Varroa mites, tracheal mites, diarrhea, migratory beekeeping, loss of habitat, etc, bla, bla, bla.”; usually as a bit of an after though it will be mentioned that also pesticides may play a roll.  But if you make the obvious mistake of asking for more information on the pesticide link then you will hear that much more investigation needs to be done to prove any one culprit.  It is important to note that the bees do die from all those culprits but there is nothing new there as these problems are not new to bees.  The pesticides work to weaken the bees defenses against these pests and the pesticides are the common denominator period.  Another “string in the back of the neck” response is “scientists are working diligently to find the cause of CCD Colony Collapse Disorder.”  WOW!  They sure are wasting lots of time, money, and effort if they aren’t diligently trying to find out how to keep from killing bees with systemic chemicals.  I have no degree and I’ll answer that for free!  Stop using these systemic neonicotinoid chemicals that you know for a fact are killing the bees!

Beekeepers have been screaming at the top of their lungs that it is pesticides that are killing their bees for years now but you can only hear this from non mainstream media outlets.  One only needs to watch Vanishing of the Bees and listen to the interviews of top beekeepers in the field to see that they have known and have been trying to work with governmenst on this issue for a while now.  And speaking of the mainstream media, they know the truth as well but who pays their bills…?

If you have made it this far you may be asking yourself what can I do about it.  Well let me help you with that.  I feel that beekeepers should be spreading the word diligently to get the truth out there.  I do it all the time.  You don’t get through a personal conversation with David Wright without being told that systemic chemicals are killing our pollinators.  We are not just talking honeybees here but I’ll stay on track since honeybees are getting all the buzz.  If you are not a beekeeper then you could take a small space of time each day or even once a week to do a little homework on the topic of system pesticides.  Learn what they are and how they work.  What foods are they being used on in your area?  What foods are you eating that contain systemic pesticides?  Read studies from areas abroad on the topic to see what other scientist have to say.  Remember that scientists that speak out about this will be vilified and discredited so don’t be put off by the negative press directed at them, just read their work.  As you study these chemicals you will be pulled into the GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) issue, but that is ok since the 2 subjects are so interrelated.  You will see as you go along how they relate and why this topic is so important to you and your family.

This is not conspiracy theory stuff but the powers that be would have you believe that way.  No, this is real and it is happening right now; right in front of all of us.  I’ll direct you to some websites below to help you get started and then you can branch out from there.  The title above asks, “What else might they be killing”?  I don’t know but we need to find out.  These chemicals are being feed to us now and the time for action is now…please get involved now.

Here are a few links to get you started with learning the truth about what you are eating and what is killing our bees.

As I mentioned above, everyone should watch “Vanishing of the Bees”

Tom Theobald at the Boulder County Beekeepers’ Association website.   Read the articles on Tom’s Corner.

Recently published findings on Systemics killing honeybees.

A 5 minute video with the Bee Researchers themselves on Imidacloprid.

Here is a link to a great way to research Poison in our food.

If you did all the above then give yourself 5 gold stars!  Thanks for caring, now put that knowledge to use.