Chemical Testing

Here is a chance to get some testing done for half price. 

Cost-sharing Program for Pesticide Analysis of Honey Bee Colony Matrices (honey, wax, pollen, bees, brood, etc.)

I put nothing in my hives but the bees.  I’m going to test a sample of wax and honey from a KTBH that was empty this spring.  I put a huge swarm in there and they built comb on one end for their on-board stores (the stores they carried with them).  Then they filled out the entire 4 foot hive with their work this summer.  I am taking my sample from the end they built and filled this summer because I want to find out what might be in my environment.  I wouldn’t take honey from their original comb because they may have brought some nasties with them from their previous home.

Beekeeping for Beginners Class was a success!

It is so amazing to me when things all come together and the results are so good.  The crew from Tri-state Beekeepers Association has done it again.  These are not firm numbers but they are close; we had 23 attendees and 11 joined the club on the spot.  I feel especially honored to be involved with this great group of people.  I am exhausted but won’t be able to sleep until I write just a few lines.  Thanks you Stephanie for you help out front and all that you did behind the scenes; I bet you helped bake those delicious brownies.  Kathie, tears are streaming down my face as I write how glad we are that you were even there; let alone all that you did for us.  Cindy, I might only be a member of the club because of you.  I don’t know if it was because I couldn’t leave you there all alone or if it was because every time I got knocked down you picked me up and pushed me back in the ring.  Virginia, all those photos and out in the hot sun, registration, moral support and 34 great years; thank you very much.  Brian, you came running every time you caught me foundering on the rock and got me sailing again, thank you Sir.  OMG, Rick you poor man!  Two open hive demos back to back in that heat; that was truly above and beyond the call of duty, thank you and you may be the unknown gladiator of the show.  Steve with the beekeepers truck, fully loaded with everything a beekeeper would ever want, thank you Sir as well.  Then there were those of us who stayed inside, thanks to my fellow presenters.  Big Daddy Steve, you ran your ship with dignity and pride.  This is two years now that you get a lion’s share of the credit for a great show.  And a most gracious thank you for all who attended the event and you interest in all things honeybee.  The show is over but we are all still here for you, so don’t lie down and quit.  All you need to do is maintain constant forward progress and we are all here to help.  Every link I gave you is a source of information and assistance in your future beekeeping endeavors.  So, my last thanks is to the people behind all the links we used even though you will never see this post.

Beekeeping Extravaganza


The Tri-State Beekeepers Association, a group of local hobbyists committed to the preservation and growth of the endangered honey bee, will be offering a one day seminar entitled, Beekeeping for Beginners, at the Oglebay Institute’s Schrader Environmental Center on Saturday, July 17, 2010.  Local beekeeping experts, with over 200 years of combined beekeeping experience, will present on various beginner topics throughout the day.  In addition to the lectures, a hands-on, open hive demonstration will also be available to all participants.  At the conclusion of the seminar, participants will be familiar with all of the necessary knowledge needed to establish and grow their own backyard honey bee colony. 

On-site Seminar Registration will be held from 8:00am – 8:30am.  Presentations will conclude at 5:00pm. The cost of the seminar will be $25 for current members of the Tri-State Beekeeper’s Association and $30 for non-members.  The registration fee will include admission to all presentations, numerous educational, handouts, the use of bee veils for the open hive demonstration and lunch.  Participants may download and view the seminar brochure, by visiting The Tri-State Beekeepers Website You can also register for the program by contacting Steve Roth at 304-242-9867 or Brian Roth at 304-909-0097.  The deadline for reservations is July 14, 2010. 

We hope you can attend our seminar and allow us the opportunity to share our joy and passion for helping preserve the health and longevity of the all-important honey bee in our local area.