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Dave's Bees demystifies the fascinating world of beekeeping!   You can keep bees!

When thinking of starting beekeeping one can become quickly overwhelmed by the mountain of information available on the subject.  Everything is variable and beekeepers use different hives and methods to achieve multiple goals.  By the time you are done studying all the variables you could quit before you even start.  At Dave's Bees, we believe regardless of what you read-- that absolutely anyone can keep bees.  At a minimum you can keep some blue orchard mason bees.  You'll get the benefit of this excellent pollinator while providing needed habitat for the bees and enjoyment for yourself.  Blue orchard mason bee nest boxes are very easy to build.  If it is honey your after then honeybees are easy too.  You can build top bar hives yourself or order them with all the necessary supplies.

Browse great books on Top Bar Hives and Natural Beekeeping

Bees are very self sufficient and will do very well when given a home and proper forage.  Honeybees will venture out as much as a couple of miles or more to gather nectar and pollen.  The mason bees forage much closer to home; perhaps only venturing a few hundred yards.  This small home range for the mason bees means they will stay home and pollinate your fruit trees. One advantage to this is if you go organic the bees will live in a clean habitat.  In the absents of chemicals and with a wide variety of flowering plants and trees bees can take care of themselves; they have for millions of years. 

Here at Dave's Bees we provide all the information needed to start beekeeping today.  The three books on the right provide all the information one needs to start beekeeping and be very knowledgeable as well.

 The Buzz about Bees: Biology of a Superorganism  This great book is not about beekeeping but the honeybee and the colony overall.  This book covers the lives of bees in complete detail.  The pictures are unbelievable and you can spend a whole day just looking at the pictures and reading the captions.  For those of you wishing to take up beekeeping or just learning about the amazing honey bee this should be your first book.

The Barefoot Beekeeper  This is the book I used to start beekeeping with Kenya Top Bar Hives.  After quickly reading this book I decided that I could surely keep bees using these methods.  So I joined the forum at Natural Beekeeping Network and downloaded the free plans for the KTBH at the authors website.  www.biobees.com

If you wish to keep bees in the traditional hives called Langstroth hives after their inventor then Beekeeping For Dummies  is for you.  This inexpensive book covers the Langstroth hive from A to Z and is a great book for beginning beekeepers.

A seriously important film for everyone is Vanishing of the Bees.  For beekeepers it lets you hear from fellow professional beekeepers what they are convinced is killing the bees.  For the rest of us it is equally important to hear what these beekeepers are telling us all about what is happening to the bees and most likely us as well.  If there is one first step you take based on this website it should be to go see this movie at a public viewing or buy it yourself at Vanishing of the Bees.

Here is a video that is fun and educational.  NOVA: Bees - Tales From the Hive

For educational purposes the kids will find the Queen's (my wife) book entertaining. Buzzzzzzzz...: What Honeybees Do

This is great! Kindle For PC This is a free download at Amazon.com to read kindle books on you PC.   To read kindle books on other devices check out the Kindle Reading Apps below.  I have downloaded several and and have them available on my computer to read at any time.  I like having the library in my lap!  If you prefer to to read your books on the Kindle and don't have one here is a link to the Kindle. Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 9.7   In most cases the kindle version of a book is much cheaper.  Remember Mr. Langstroth mentioned above--I got his book for $1.99.  Langstroth on the Hive and the Honey-Bee  

Ready - Set - Learn

Make sure you join your local beekeepers association.  Here is a link to our local association near Wheeling, WV.   Tri-State Beekeepers Association


Thank you for being such a wonderful beekeeping mentor. You have shown me so much about ANAP beekeeping that is consistent with the way I want to interact with our environment. Sometimes it is challenging simply supporting a hive instead of trying to control it and the bees living in it. But I want to help the bees, not try to manipulate them and dose them with chemicals. Your methods of beekeeping remind me to ask if what I am doing is ultimately about the bees or me. It is also a wonderful reminder that nature is a much better guide than anything I can provide. Attached is a photo of the Top Bar Hive you helped me build. Keep up the important work.

Many thanks,

Daniel Caron  Nature Photographer, Consultant, ANAP Beekeeper www.naturenomad.com   daniel@naturenomad.com  

Daniel Caron's first two Kenya Top Bar Hives

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Last modified: 03 September 2014
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